When is Car Waxing Needed?

Keeping your vehicle clean and shiny involves more than soap and water. Waxing is a key step, but you may not know when to wax or how often. So that you become an informed vehicle owner, Rountree-Moore Ford has some tips for you.

Don't confuse when to wax with how often to wax. The answer to when is always last. You wax after washing your car, and polishing it...

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Your Car Needs an Alignment: Here’s What You Need to Know

Maintenance checks are a vital part of car care. This includes tire rotations, oil changes, and of course, alignments. Alignments should be performed at regular intervals to ensure your car keeps running smoothly. Alignments also ensure your tires wear appropriately.

If you drive in areas with large amounts of construction or bumps, your tires may get out of alignment.

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Do My Brake Pads Need to Be Replaced?

Driving with damaged or worn brake pads is extremely dangerous, and your entire braking system needs to be regularly inspected. We believe that drivers should also know about some of the most common signs that their brake pads are about to go out. Catching those early warning signs could help you avoid a major accident in the near future.

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Ford Fusion Energi: Power and Handling That's Environment-Friendly

Looking for power, smart handling, and high-energy efficiency with all the comfort of a mid-sized family sedan? Look no further than Ford Fusion's Energi, a plug-in hybrid that offers the range you need for your driving needs and that features great power and handling features as well.

Using anti-lock brake technology, sensors alert the ABS system if one or more wheels are trying to lock up and make adjustments to prevent skidding and ensure you maintain safe control of the car. 

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What is the Difference in All-Weather Floor Mats and Carpeting

Our crew at Rountree-Moore Ford wanted to pass along some information for local drivers on why they should choose all-weather floor mats or carpeting.

The reason drivers love the all-weather floor mats is because it makes cleaning the interior of the vehicle easier. Regardless if you track in mud or spill coffee on the flooring, a quick hose down with water and they look like new seconds later. 

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Drive Off in A Ford Taurus Today

Chance are, you've heard of the Ford Taurus before. The popular full-size sedan has been on the road since 1986 and has quite the fan following. Even loyal Taurus buyers are impressed with the amount of technology packed into the newest models.

The Ford Taurus features a well-designed Lane-Keeping System. This system uses alerts and applies steering torque if you unintentionally drift from your lane. 

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There's a Lot of Towing Ability with the Ford Explorer

The ability to tow is what a lot of SUV owners are looking for. Many people like to go on trips or haul equipment, and that's one of the reasons that the Ford Explorer is such a popular SUV.

The side roof rails let you carry large equipment on the top of your vehicle, and other features let you tow behind you or even just in the back section of the vehicle. The third row of seats folds down to reveal extra space for all of your gear.

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Your Brake Pads Are Critical to Your Stopping Power

The stopping power that you get from your vehicle comes from having a good set of brake pads. Being that your pads are what bring your vehicle to a stop, it is only natural that they are going to see some of the heaviest wear and tear. It can be helpful to have a basic understand of the system when it comes time to replace them.

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Having Trouble Seeing in Rain Storms?

If you've noticed that your windshield isn't getting wiped completely when it rains or during winter when roads are salty, it may be time for new wiper blades.

Exposure to the elements causes the rubber that wiper blades are made from to become dry and cracked. When this happens, they stop making good contact with your windshield when you turn them on. 

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What to Know About a Car's Battery

A vehicle's battery is what allows it to start up in the morning before school or when you are ready to leave work. After providing an initial bolt of energy, the alternator provides power to the electrical components within the vehicle. The battery is also recharged while the car is running by the alternator.

Generally, a car battery can last for up to five years before it needs to be replaced. 

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