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Pros and Cons of Buying vs Leasing

Car Dealership in Lake City, FL, Explores the Differences

Rountree Moore Ford has earned a reputation as a premier car dealership in Lake City. This reputation stems from our premium selection of new and used cars, but also because we take a personal approach with each and every client.

We know that our customers have questions when determining between buying vs leasing. Learn more about the pros and cons of buying vs leasing when stopping in at our car dealership in Lake City, FL. Our team is here to help you decide.

Pros/Cons of a Car Lease in Lake City, FL

Although many car buyers opt for a Ford finance auto loan, there are many benefits to a car lease in Lake City, FL. The team at Rountree Moore Ford is happy to help you discover the difference. Simply put, a car lease involves contracting a new Ford from our car dealership in Lake City for a determined period of time.

The benefits include lower upfront costs and lower monthly payments on a new Ford sedan, SUV or heavy-duty pickup truck. Basically, a car lease in Lake City allows customers to rent new models that they may not be able to afford with a traditional auto loan. Once the lease term has ended, you simply return the vehicle and the keys.

When opting for a car lease in Lake City, you don’t technically own the vehicle, so you can’t customize or make changes to the exterior or the interior. However, you do get the advantage of driving a premium trim or higher-end vehicle that comes with a manufacturer warranty.

When leasing a vehicle at our car dealership in Lake City, FL, you must not exceed the designated mileage limit to avoid additional penalties. It’s also possible that you may owe additional fees if the vehicle is not maintained or in good condition when the contract is over.

Pros/Cons of a Ford Finance Auto Loan

The more traditional route involves a Ford finance auto loan to buy a new vehicle outright from our car dealership in Lake City. When choosing between buying vs leasing, this route may be more beneficial if you are looking for a vehicle long-term. Buying a car with an auto loan means that you will have monthly payments, but at the end of the auto loan terms, you own the vehicle outright.

Buying a new vehicle gives you the freedom to customize the exterior or interior or even trade in the new SUV, sedan or pickup truck before your auto loan has been paid off. It may be more beneficial to buy a new car when special interest rates are available through Ford Finance with no down payment. It may also make more sense financially to choose to buy vs leasing because you build equity within the vehicle as you make your monthly payments.

Buying vs leasing is also ideal for individuals who plan to own a vehicle for a longer period of time. Keep in mind, though, that while new cars do feature a manufacturer’s warranty, once the warranty has expired, car buyers are responsible for all repairs.

Make the Choice: Buying Vs Leasing

Making a decision between buying vs leasing requires careful thought. The team at our car dealership in Lake City, FL, is here to help. Our expert finance officers take a personal approach and sit down with each customer to determine the best option.

We want you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision between buying vs leasing. Allow our staff the opportunity to serve you and guide you once you’ve chosen the best vehicle for you and your family.