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How to Choose Between OEM Ford Parts and Generic Auto Parts

What’s the Difference Between OEM vs Generic Auto Parts?

When it comes to buying auto parts for your Ford, you’ll usually have two choices: OEM or generic, which refers to parts built directly by Ford or parts constructed by third-party vendors respectively. But, while the choice seems simple, there are numerous intricacies you’ll want to look out for—and more importantly, reasons why the cheapest product isn’t always the best for your ride. Stick with us as we take a closer look at why OEM parts tend to work better for your Ford—and don’t forget to also stop by the Rountree Moore Ford Parts Center to receive OEM parts and accessories for your ride and repairs today.

All about Choices: More Isn’t Always Better

When you shop OEM Ford auto parts, you’ll usually have one option since Ford crafts each part for your specific year, make, model, and trim—so, when you need something like brake rotors for a Ford Fiesta ST, you’ll find exactly what you need in seconds since Ford only makes one type of rotor for your specific ride.

On the other hand, third party generic parts offer numerous choices and fits. This means you’ll need to spend countless hours researching the competing brands to find which are reliable and which products supply you with the best value for your dollar. Also, you always risk purchasing a component that doesn’t fit your Ford, which means you’ll need to start the process all over again of vetting different brands—wasting valuable hours you could have spent making a repair.

Quality: Can a Knock off Ever Match the Original?

With OEM parts, you’re almost guaranteed full quality since your part comes from a trusted manufacturer that’s helped cars across the country run for thousands of miles. Even better, Ford designs each part for your specific car, meaning you won’t need to worry about the wrong fit when you attempt an install, saving you countless hours—and helping you get back to enjoying a smooth and reliable ride as soon as possible.

On the flip side, can you trust the generic brand you’re buying? After all, generic products aren’t manufactured by Ford, which can lead to instant malfunctions if not cause a chain reaction of further damage to other parts in your ride, which becomes costly fast.

Are You Protected with Generic Auto Parts?

Ford stands by your side long after your purchase with numerous services, like with its General Warranty Coverage, which protects you for 24 months and unlimited miles—giving you plenty of time to ensure each product works as it should. Meanwhile, with generic parts, many offer no protection, which leads to financial losses if a component doesn’t work as advertised.

Where to Find OEM Ford Parts in Lake City, FL?

Looking for high-quality OEM Ford parts? Head to the Rountree Moore Ford Parts Center in Lake City, FL, where a team member will order you parts and accessories directly from Ford to help you DIY any repairs or add any customizations. We’re also here to answer any questions that come to mind, helping make the shopping process as easy as possible.